• I was at Dormer for the entirety of my junior school education. My big sister was at Dormer, our friends were at Dormer – to me, the whole world (my world) was at Dormer.

  • In May 2014 I read at the wedding of my oldest friend, Hannah. She wouldn’t be my oldest friend if it weren’t for Dormer – and I certainly wouldn’t have read at that wedding if it hadn’t been for Miss Trembath putting me through my paces, aged 8, for the Batsford Carol Service. Twelve years previously I read at the funeral of Miss Trembath – and I read to a church packed to the rafters with Dormer-old, Dormer-new and Dormer-present; a church of people who shared this common experience that was about adventure and knowledge and life.

  • It’s easy to attach aphorisms to the halcyon days of childhood, and to speak in cliché, but for me Dormer was Narnia. Every morning I hung around outside the red door with my friend Barney (because Mom had to drop me off early – and because he, aged 10, had vowed to protect me on the mean streets of Moreton-in-Marsh) until the school opened – and then we walked through the Wardrobe into a place where everything was our size, where people wanted to know what we thought about things, where sometimes it was easier  just to go out into the playground with a magnifying glass and find beetles instead of reading about them in a text book. Mostly, Dormer was a world where adventure and curiosity was nurtured and celebrated – and where, because of my friends (the doctor’s daughter, the farmer’s son, the artist’s son, the property developer’s son, the teacher’s daughter), I learned so much by osmosis, by being encouraged to explore, by just….talking. Knowing early on in your life that your ideas are valuable, and that time is something worth giving to those ideas, sets you up not only in your own creative learning but also in the relationships you form with others. When I look at my life and the people I know and love, I see in all of them a little piece of Dormer reflected back. I  found at Dormer my classmates for life, the people with whom I can go on adventures, and that is the greatest gift of all.

    Rowan Rutter, Class of '98. Creative Producer Cardboard Citizens

  • Dormer has given our daughter the confidence to stand up in front of people and perform… the school could not have prepared her better

  • Our children have found real happiness in your Nursery school and the foundation you and your team are giving them will stand them in good stead for all their lives

  • I think our son has been well prepared for secondary school due to his attitude to study and that he is able to hold his own in the top set. He has had a broader education than many of his friends and this shows up most in the subjects that are not studied in such depth in a state school such as history, geography, french, art, drama and PE. I only wish I knew about Dormer and had been in a position to send my oldest son

  • It is said that the first 7 years of a child’s schooling are the most important; this is the time when moral standards and values are set which guide them through the rest of their lives. Our beautiful, bright, but crushingly shy daughter needed a school that would introduce her to this next phase of her life sensitively, but without leaving her in any doubt as to what her full potential could be. Having viewed many schools Dormer seemed to fit the bill and hindsight has proved this to have been one of the best parenting decisions we have ever made. She has recently left Dormer to continue her education at the Cotswold School. She leaves confident, well educated, an accomplished piano player, all-round sports person, with a permanent smile and a can-do-anything-will-do-everything attitude to life and work. Her brother follows in her footsteps with equal reward to him and us. Thank you Dormer and the dedicated team of teachers and parents that creates this unique place.

  • We have been at Dormer for coming up to 13 year with both our children joining the nursery and going through the school up to the end of year 6.  Though both children could not be more different, Dormer nurtured and encouraged them all the way to be the best they can be, as people, future academics, budding artists, growing athletes, performing musicians and actors and giving them exceptional opportunities inside and outside the classroom to develop as people. The Charlotte Mason ethos combined with exceptionally dedicated teaching staff prepares them remarkably well for their transition to secondary school and the big world. Our oldest child was house captain and our second child is head girl and we couldn’t feel more passionately about the excellence of Dormer House School and the outstanding education it offers.

  • My daughter began year 5 at Dormer this September, after being at a local primary school from reception.

    Like all parents, we feel our daughter has potential but her potential was not being nurtured at her current placement.  Dormer House was introduced to us as a school that nurtures it’s children as they are and helps them to strive for their own personal best.

    We have not be disappointed.  Since joining Dormer, our daughter has been ‘seen’. Her class teachers have noticed her and she has not faded into the background just because she was doing ‘well enough’.

    Her work has improved incredibly in the half she has been at Dormer.  This is purely through the inspiring teaching and the ethos that runs through the school that our children will succeed – whatever that means for each individual child.  For our daughter, this means she has been put onto the school council, she has made massive strides in her flute playing, she has been included in the netball team, she brings work home ‘just to practise’ and she scored an amazing 133/135 in her recent year 5 assessment test.

    She has made friends and delights that ‘everyone plays together’.

    She is happy and she is motivated in a way that she was not before coming to Dormer House and this is having a generalised effect through all parts of her life.

    My daughter has gone through many changes in her life and so moving schools from a school where she was happy enough and had long standing friends was not something we undertook lightly.  We have been absolutely delighted with our choice in Dormer House School.  It is a brilliant school for our daughter.

  • When we were looking for a primary school for our daughter, we knew she would be lost in the mainstream.  A quiet, shy little girl from an early age she has blossomed at Dormer House School.  From a child could not build the courage to answer a question out loud in nursery and reception year, to a prevalent member of her class towards the top of the school, she not only thrives in her studies, with all the support we would ever hope for in her weaker areas.  She has been highly successful in LAMDA, music and sports.  She now remarkably regularly takes part in dramatic productions, is comfortable in recitation, presentations and performing music in front of an audience.  We find it truly remarkable, and strongly believe she would never have found this self confidence in a Main stream.  We are now confident she has the best possible foundations for the next stage of her education at high school.

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