About us

 A Headteacher’s Welcome

It is a real privilege to offer you a glimpse of school life at Dormer House through the pages of our website. We are proud of our heritage as a small Cotswold school, founded in 1875 on the principles of Charlotte Mason. To this day, her philosophy is an inspiration and a great source of pride. It remains at the core of the education and care we provide for the children who pass through our gates.

We benefit from the technological advances of a very different world with so many new sources of information to inspire us and connect us, but the values which guide us most positively through life remain the same. If the children who leave Dormer continue to remember the PNEU motto ‘I am, I can, I ought, I will’, they will face the challenges of the 21st century with an awareness of who they are and the confidence to achieve, with a sense of responsibility and the determination to succeed.

Of course this can only flourish in a nurturing environment where children are given the opportunity to embrace academic, creative and sporting challenges in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. We encourage each child to become an enthusiastic and independent learner, always remembering that education should be a rewarding and stimulating, hands-on experience.

We see pupils as individuals and encourage them to strive for the very best they can achieve. We very much hope that our children will go on to make a positive and valued contribution to the world in which they live. We work closely with our parents, providing a caring and supportive environment for their children.

Do come for a tour of the school to meet my teaching staff and of course, those who really know the school – the children themselves! They will be able to share with you the joys of a Dormer education and will proudly tell you all about our wonderful symbol, the Skylark. The brown of their blazers and the blue of their shirts are a constant reminder of the Skylark flying high into the sky, singing as it soars.

We feel very lucky that Charlotte Mason chose such a special bird as our emblem. We are very proud to wear our badges and, as we all aspire to great heights, we know that there will be plenty of singing and happiness along the way.

Onwards and upwards…

Mrs. A.D. Thomas