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‘A Comedy of Errors’ – 27th June 2019

This last week has certainly been a celebration of the Arts at Dormer, beginning with the colourful masterpieces on display at the Dormer Art Exhibition, situated in the gallery of Chipping Norton Theatre. We certainly have some flourishing artists, who have been guided throughout the year by the outstanding creative talent of Nicki Redgewell.

We were equally starstruck after being enchanted by the talented singers, dancers and actors in our Shakespearean production of ‘A Comedy of Errors’. Bravo to a splendid cast and crew! We have had some very positive reviews from the audiences and the theatre staff. The children were superbly behaved and thoroughly enjoyed performing in such a magical theatre.

For the matinee, we had 44 children delivering their parts with such confidence and enjoying every moment on stage. It was equally hard keeping the staff off the stage this year!

We are very proud of them all and truly hope that we have given them a lifelong love of Shakespeare and the stage.

20190628 Comedy of Errors - Year 5 IMG_1363

20190628 Comedy of Errors - Year 6 IMG_1370