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Time Travellers’ Day – 12th June 2019

‘Time Travellers’ Day’ on the 12th June provided an opportunity to celebrate the breadth of history that we study at Dormer.

Children dressed in costumes associated with the period of history they had been studying and performed presentations for their grandparents. There were plays, songs and dances demonstrating the strong cross-curricular links that can be made with history.

Members of the Moreton-in-Marsh Historical Society were special guests for the performance and on Monday 17th June, Year 6 presented their Jenkins’ Ear independent research projects to Canon Tim Sedgley, Chairman of the Moreton-in-Marsh and District Local History Society.

The school remains deeply grateful for the generosity of the family of Guy Stapleton who judged this unique project for many years. His legacy, bestowed by the Historical Society, has allowed the school to purchase £100 worth of history books for the library annually.

Thank you to the children and their history teachers for taking us on an informative and entertaining journey through the ages on ‘Time Travellers’ Day’.