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Dormer’s Historical Week – February 2019

We recently stepped back in time to 1807 and took our seats in the Houses of Parliament, where, with eloquence and gusto, our Year 5 Members of Parliament shared passionate speeches calling for the abolition of slavery.

20190208 Year 5 - Slavery AssemblyThey called for the Commons to register their votes with ‘‘Ayes to the Right and ‘Noes to the Left’! We are delighted to announce that the ‘Ayes have it’! Thank you to our Right Honourable MPs for Dormer House School for their rousing rhetoric!


20190208 Year 6 - HistoryYear 6 concluded their undercover work for MI5 as they studied speeches, slogans and fact files on Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin in the 1930’s. Later in PSCHE we brushed up on our knowledge of politics and mapped the political parties in terms of Right and Left Wing, drawing upon our newly acquired knowledge of the politics of Europe in the mid-1930s.


20190208 Year 5 - National Portrait GalleryOne of our classrooms became a hive of activity as our Year 5 pupils became history detectives. With three portraits to identify, three maps to explore and three biographies to digest, our Year 5 historians trawled the exhibits of the National Portrait Gallery and produced outstanding reports on Georgian and Victorian Empire builders… Headmistress history house points for all three groups!