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Fire Service Visit – 22nd November 2018

On Thursday 22nd November, Year 1 and Reception had a special visit from Gloucestershire Fire Service. They learnt all about the important jobs firefighters do, from putting out fires to rescuing squirrels from trees!

They also received some very good advice on staying safe at home: being careful around flames and other sources of heat; telling somebody straightaway if they smell smoke or see a fire; always having smoke alarms in the house and following adult instructions.


The firefighters were very impressed with their knowledge of how to stay safe at home and in school, as well as all the things the children knew about the Great Fire of London.

The children were then able to go inside the fire engine, try on the firefighters’ helmets, help unravel the hose and spray it themselves! Finally, they listened to all of the different siren sounds the fire engine could make.